Rome Finally Staggers Into the 20th Century

If you’ve been to Rome before, we’re sure that there is one thing you can definitely remember: business establishments of all kinds never, ever seem to be open when you need them.  Maybe your flight landed late and you’re starving at 10 PM; or you decided to run to the supermarket before heading back to your hotel around 8 PM; or you wanted lunch after you left a museum at 2:30 PM; or you need a bottle of aspirin on a weekend or holiday.  The odds are almost 100% that at some point in your visit, you went to X … and found that it was closed.


Part of the reason for this is the southern European tradition of the afternoon siesta, which provided time for everyone to go home, eat a huge lunch, and then take a nap before returning to work.  Fortunately for those of us who are routinely inconvenienced by the practice, the siesta is slowly but surely dying out.  There are still a handful of older business-owners who will close up shop for a maddening four hours in the afternoon, but they’re becoming fewer and farther between.

At the same time, both public servants and private shopkeepers are realizing that if you stay open longer, people will come!  You can now find post offices that are open all day long, and more and more grocery and souvenir stores don’t close until late.

And here is truly the pièce di résistance: Rome now has a chain of supermarkets with some locations open 24/7.  Finally, we have arrived at a point which most tourists have taken for granted back home for decades!  Needless to say, we know exactly where these convenient stores and shops are located, and are happy to help our clients out.  Next time you come to Rome, you’ll happily discover that some shops are now always open.