In Rome, All is Calm, and All is BRIGHT!

Happy New Year 2019 to all our clients and friends!

img_5786Here in Italy, the Christmas season hasn’t finished yet–because the Three Kings have yet to arrive. As everybody knows, they’ll get here on the Twelfth Day of Christmas, which is January 6. Until then, Rome is still celebrating!

While many businesses have reopened by now, there are still plenty of Romans, and lots of tourists, who continue to enjoy the holidays. And all you need to do is walk down the img_5693streets of Rome at night. You’ll quickly discover that the city is lit up like a birthday cake!

In certain streets, shop-keepers band together to set up these seemingly endless chains of lights; in the more central parts of Rome they’re erected by the city. This particularly dazzling series of lights is brought to us courtesy of the Italian electric company.

But these photos don’t do it all justice. That’s because the lights are sparkling, in a subtle way that is meant to mimic the glittering of jewels. In fact, here’s a diamond, surrounded by gold chains:


You can try to imagine what it’s like to wander around the historic center of the city of img_5608Rome, surrounded by spectacular lights like these … or you can come to see it all for yourself, in person! Maybe next Christmas?