Floating on the Water

In the center of the shopping-district of Rome stands a church that most tourists ignore. Pozzo 2After all, they’re wandering that part of the city because they’re looking for bargains, not because they’re looking for a miracle. But back in the year 1256, that’s exactly what the locals got.

On the spot where the church stands today, there was once a house belonging to a Roman Cardinal, and next to it was a well. One day a servant of the Cardinal was holding an image of the Madonna, and accidentally dropped it down into the well. We can only imagine what the poor servant expected to happen to him when the Cardinal heard about it…

But the servant’s horror quickly turned into amazement, because the water-level of the well abruptly rose so high that the well overflowed–and the painting of the Madonna Pozzo 1was floating on the top! It is said that the instant he picked the painting up, the water receded to its normal level.

Needless to say, the people of Rome regarded this as a miracle–and naturally, they built a church on the spot to commemorate this event. The miraculous “Madonna of the Well” can still be seen in a side-chapel, on the very spot where the well used to stand. We can see here a touching instance of divine intervention, ensuring that nobody got punished on Our Lady’s account!