Easy to Miss…

In Rome, it happens often that you walk down a seemingly uninteresting street, and don’t pay attention to the details.  But this random residential area in the center of the city contains a couple of surprises!

IMG_4902Without knowing any specific details, it appears fairly clear that in centuries gone by, there was some sort of open-air structure on this spot, surrounded by ancient Roman columns.  Was it an ancient structure, or a medieval construction using ancient materials?  It’s hard to know.


But it IS clear that at some point in the Middle Ages, someone decided to fill in the spaces between the columns with bricks and mortar… and construct a house.  Over the years, various repairs were made, as needed.  The result is a true hodge-podge of building materials, a kind of combination-confusion that will give any archaeologist a headache.

And today, centuries later, Romans are still living inside–with all the modern amenities, of course!  This sort of construction is surprisingly common all over the city of Rome, but without a knowledgeable guide with you to point it out… odds are high that you’ll walk by and completely miss it.