Other Tour Guides Say the Most Amazing Things…

There are hundreds of churches in Rome, most of them containing multiple side-chapels.  And in one of those zillions of side-chapels hangs this lovely Crucifixion by S_Pulzone_Crucifixión_Santa_Maria_in_Valicella_RomaScipione Pulzone (1544-1598).

It’s very pretty, but on Rome’s art-circuit it really doesn’t merit a second glance.  After all, when it comes to Italian sacred art, Rome contains the best of the best!

But recently, one of our guides stumbled upon a tour being given by someone who had brought visitors to see this painting, and had parked them in front of it for upwards of half an hour–while she lectured them about the Passion of Christ.

This is a phenomenon that one occasionally encounters on Catholic tours of Rome: some guides seem to think that it’s preferable to preach to their clients, rather than give them a tour.  Ironically, the guides who tend to do this have no more theological training than you do–and it shows.

We’re more than happy to discuss Catholic theology with our clients, if they have questions about it (and we’ve also got the pontifical degrees to back our statements up).  Otherwise, we believe that if you’re paying us for a tour of Rome, then that’s what we should give you!  Your stay in Rome is short, and we’re here to help you make the most of your visit… not to convert you.